Time to Get Started

Okay, so I’ve been playing with this blog for a few days now, trying to figure out what should and what should not be in here.  Should I provide some back ground?  How much should I explain about me and my process in getting to this point?

What I realized tonight is that I was just avoiding getting started.  Avoiding actually stating that “I am doing this” and actually starting to make some thing happen.

So . . . even though you don’t know the whole story, even though you haven’t a clue who I am or why I am doing this . . . this blog and the associated commitments are now officially open and what I am doing.

There is some limited information in the pages you should see as links to your right called: About, Rules and Methods to help get you started.  Everything else will have to wait for another day.

Summary for today:

I ate well per FFL and climbed Black Mountain as my third and final exercise for the week.  A great start.


2 Responses to “Time to Get Started”

  1. Richard Says:

    OK, how long is the hike up to Black Mountain…and are their scenic views? Might be a nice “change of pace” for the exercise routine for me too.

    • Frank Says:

      Two hours up and back.

      There is the road which an easy walk . . . I see families on this with kids all the time.

      I usually take a maintenance path up which is a pretty rigorous steep hike and then walk the road back down because the trail is too steep to come down safely.

      The views are very nice . . . ask me next time I come to seminar . . . I have a picture on my phone from the top. The picture is small, but it will give you the idea. The best view is around an hour before sunset as you get the reflection off the ocean.


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