Daily Report 2009/09/22

I ate per FFL today. (Well mostly, see note.)

Also a good workout at the Gym. (First exercise this week.)

The official scale that I am measuring with is at 24 Hour Fitness. It said 253 today. On one level “great”; at least I didn’t go up. However, I go up and down and lot . . . so for the moment I’ll take it as encouraging, but nothing more.

NOTE: I got caught in meetings in the wrong building today and had a snack of Cheeto’s to make up for the snacks in my office I could not access. Cheeto’s while officially made of “corn” have tons of other crap that probably isn’t very good for me. I’ll call it a “FFL day”, but with reservations.

Additional Note: I am getting bored at 24 Hour Fitness again . . . I need to figure out how to get Solid Rock Gym membership going again.


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