Daily Report 2009/09/24

Breakfast/Lunch: Fruit/Salad.

Dinner again a challenge. I knew dinner was the challenge for me before I started this “process”. The wife and I went to Olive Garden where I like their five cheese marinara. The bread, pasta and salad are of course all on the plan. The “five cheese” in the marinara of course contains protein.

Again this is sort of a “mixed” meal. On the one hand my Mother would have loved me eating this meal. Lots of fresh raw vegetables with pasta; I never ate that healthy when I was a teen.

Still, there is something about being really good about not mixing protein and carbohydrates that is difficult to explain. It just works really well with my body, or at least that was my experience of this way of eating when I was on it a year ago. These “almost there” meals like the turkey sandwich and the pasta need to be watched though. It isn’t that I cannot have them ever, but it is important to minimize them and to choose them careful.

I think what bothers me most for both the sandwich and tonight’s meal . . . I chose the convenient. I chose the familiar. That is what I need to be the most careful about; automatic choices.

I find myself at an odd juncture with this process right now. In a certain sense, I have been very good in this process so far. Knowing that people are watching, knowing that folks will be watching my body as we approach June has been a powerful incentive that has kept me mostly on the straight and narrow a lot more than I usually do.

So in a sense, I am doing great!!!!

However, I am concerned about these compromises and unconscious choices. I need to be watchful. I need to keep my eyes on the goal.

Thank you for reading this . . .

God’s Love and Light to any who visit here.


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