Daily Report 2009/09/25

A really great day today . . . on track with FFL:

Breakfast/Lunch: Fruit/Salad

Dinner: made me think, but I didn’t take the automatic choice. I took a large size chow mien instead of my usual dish which is rice with chicken. The result was that I managed to stay on program today despite going to a place where “automatic choices” would normally win.

A good “stay conscious” day on program per FFL.

My wife even pointed out a second vegetable/protein option that I had missed. (Thank you Darling!)


2 Responses to “Daily Report 2009/09/25”

  1. Ron Bernstein Says:

    Hi Frank,
    Light to you and your process. Good luck and we’re cheering you on.
    Regards from Kuwait. Just arrived after a week in Israel with JR and the gang. See my website for photos and a blog:

    Love to you,

  2. Frank Says:

    Thank you for the pictures and posts on your site. Reminds me of PAT IV many, many years ago. Perhaps I need to go dig out our old photo album of that trip. It is obvious I’ve forgotten much of the journey.

    Magical, thanks for sharing.

    Love and Light.


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