Thoughts on Physical Fitness and Obesity

In a perverted sort of way, I think most obese people are actually very physically fit.

If that doesn’t match your picture of the world, read on.

When I work out at 24 Hour Fitness in the evenings, it just seems to happen that I often have to watch the TV show “The Biggest Looser”, just because that it what is on the TVs that I have no control over. The other day a woman was on that program who weighed in at over 500 pounds . . . yes . . . five hundred pounds.

At one point, seated, she got up and walked over to the microphone to interact with the host. She stood there for 5 or 10 minutes chatting.

So here is why I think that is so incredible. If you took the typical . . . lets say 150 pound woman, sat her in a chair and strapped another 350 pounds on her, and then told her to stand up walk over to the microphone and stand there for 10 minute chatting with somebody . . . frankly I doubt most women would even be able to get up out of the chair. If they did make it to the microphone, it would be difficult for them to just stand there, much less be pleasant and chat.

Similarly, if you took a 150 pound marathon runner, put an extra 350 pounds on her and asked her to do a few lapse, if she was able to do it at all, she’d be completely spent after the ordeal.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying obesity in American is a good thing that makes us healthy. The struggle about being obese is that you can never have a day off. A marathon runner can work hard for a few days and then take a rest day to let his/her body recouperate and recharge. That is never available for someone with extra body weight. No matter what you do it is there even when you do something as simple as walking to the bathroom.

That simple fact has implications for the heart if nothing else. Also knee and hip joints, back and more.

I am looking forward to slimming down. I just hope I don’t hit my head on the ceiling when I get up out of the chair and jump half way across the room by accident. [Wink]


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