Daily Report 2009/09/27

A good day and on goal:

I got my last exercise in for the week at 24 Hour Fitness . . . so I got in all three for the week.

Eating went well as well; Fruit for Breakfast, Biscuits and Gravy for Lunch (hey its Sunday) and Salad and Pasta for Dinner. So I probably need to balance out with some protein soon, but otherwise and on target day for this program.

I did notice all day today that my body had a tendency to sweat easily. This was true all day, though particularly so at exercise. I feel great otherwise, but did notice this tendency throughout the day. I suspect I am staring to detox a little bit. Nothing alarming, but something to monitor.

I was also hungry much of the day. Since there are no portion limitations on this program, I tried to fill this need as it came up, but it wasn’t really anything I’d experienced before today . . . to get hungry a lot. Between the sweating and the hunger, clearly my body is up to something . . . I’m not concerned, but I need to be watchful in support of Rule #2.

The good news . . . the “official scale” at 24 Hour Fitness was kind: 249. So things seem to be working.


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