Daily Report 2009/09/28

A good day: I ate per FFL and was on target the whole day.

The “easy sweating” from yesterday didn’t seem to be a problem today.

The “general hunger” was only “slightly present” today and was satisfied by a big dish of tuna fish tonight . . . perhaps I just needed more protein as I mentioned yesterday.

I have been “tempted” by the memory of some favorite foods in the last few days. The first week wasn’t really hard, but for some reason they are calling to me . . . and of course they are rolled with a nice rationalization about being 20% the way to my goal after only 10 days.

My experience both this time and from a year ago are that my body likes the FFL way of eating and drops weight easily in response to it. However, it is also my experience that I can get distracted and off track easily. That happened last time; a story I have yet to tell here.

For the moment, I’ve decide to ignore the desire for these old comfort foods. Partially, because of the knowledge that people are looking and people will notice if I fail. A negative reason (in a sense), and yet since it is working for me so I’ll accept the win it brings. Partially because I don’t trust myself to eat “just one meal” of those old addictions.

On the other hand, I need some kind of a long term plan for dealing with these foods. My plan here is to change my life style and to eat per FFL for the long term. Perhaps, even probably, the rest of my life. Does that mean then that I can never have those foods again? Perhaps, perhaps not . . . something I haven’t worked out yet.

I think there are really two things that are keeping me on track at this time. One is that “folks are watching” . . . I’ve set it up that way . . . if you are reading this then you are a part of that process; thank you. Additionally, I have a bigger goal. If my body continues to drop weight at this rate with so little effort, why stop at 230? What about dropping enough that my Body Mass Index drops under 30 and I officially drop from “Obese” to “Over weight”. That would also be kind of cool.

My short term goal is 245 . . . a key point for me for a reason I will explain when I get there. The “stated goal” is of course 230 by June. Then there is the “no longer Obese” goal that I’ve just explained. Beyond that is even more and more health for me.

At some point, the body will finish its detox and I will start to level out. Or at least that is my fear. On the other hand, for the moment I have great momentum and want to capitalize on that momentum.

The future in this moment is both bright and uncertain . . . such is life in general . . . why should this process be any different?

God’s Blessing to you and yours wherever and whoever you are.


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