Daily Report 2009/10/08

For those that know what “The Law of Reversibility” is, today is pretty close for the third week for this “life change” which I started a couple of days before the Blog.

So, some challenges today:

I had a good breakfast of fruit.

Then knowing I would be going to a meeting offering a free lunch, I had a small salad.  My thought was it would tide me over if the lunch offered nothing on program to eat.

However, when I got there, I kind of lost my head.  PIZZA!!!

To my credit I only took one piece (instead of the usual two or three).  Plus once I bit into it, it wasn’t that good.  It just didn’t seem “worth it” to be off program for what it was.  So I skinned the cheese off of it and tossed it after only two bites.  Though even that was a really odd choice because I then choose to make the meat “carbs”, so I could have eaten the crust in any case.

In short, I was not thinking with my head.

The odd thing was, after having the salad earlier I felt satisfied.  However, after having the pizza I was hungry.  FFL actually talks about food that make you hungry because they don’t have what the body needs.

Anyway, I eventually regained my balance (did I forget to mention the brownies?)  and wasn’t “too bad”.  I think the thing that bothers me here is that I wasn’t in control.  My old “automatic munch machine” was in full swing for five minutes and was having a strong influence for more like 15 minutes.

The good news; CKT 5 minutes and Exercise at Solid Rock Gym and a reasonable and modest portion of chicken for dinner.

I’ll try again tomorrow.


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