Daily Report 2009/10/16

I think it is a common experience that changing life styles is very much challenged when you are out of your comfort zone.  I am traveling into LA for classes.  I have traveled to this area many times over the past 9 years.  Traveling like this leaves me outside of my comfort zone and outside of my normal routine.  Yet I have traveled to this location long enough and often enough to have a separate set of habit patterns here . . . and well . . . they got me.

One of my typical patterns here is Sizzler for lunch.  Salad bar, great on program . . . and mostly that was true.  I decided to make it a carbohydrate meal, cool.  That is until half way through desert I realized that the Yogurt/Ice Cream I was eating (my typical/habitual desert here) likely was as much protein as it was carbs.

I had gone on “automatic” and as I have discussed before, that is really the thing I need to watch most here.

So . . . for this day, “mostly FFL”, but with a minor issue.

Once again, not a serious issue, but something to watch as I travel and encounter patterns and habits that haven’t yet been brought under this new way of doing things.


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