Daily Report 2009/10/19

Ate per FFL.

Exercise: 24 Hour Fitness

My Earth Gravitational Index has plateaued again.  I admit it, while I wasn’t perfect over the weekend, I was hoping for better.  Time to knuckle down and just keep going.  I did have a big dinner that didn’t help at the scale, but still I was expecting better.

The good news is that my attitude remains up and the exercise helps keep me “up” in a number of ways . . . very cool.

It has been with me for awhile to increase my commitment to CKT . . . I think that would help, but so far there is a little reluctance to increasing the commitment since the current commitment is so new AND I haven’t been very good with CKT in the past.

So for now . . . just keep going . . . I have until June.


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