Daily Report 2009/10/24

Exercise: Hiked to the top of Black Mountain.

CKT: 12 Minutes

FFL: In some ways, not so good.

I had biscuits and gravey for breakfast instead of fruit.

I had pasta with butter, which by itself I consider “okay” and on program, but then I put on Parmesan cheese which is a protein.

I did okay for dinner . . . okay so the fried rice does have some egg in it.

So what does all of this mean?

I’m concerned, but at the same time I think there is promise here.  I have actually been doing really well and today really isn’t that much different from other days that I have considered “FFL day” previously.

I think I am becoming more discerning and careful.  As my heath and vitality have improved and as a bonus my body is slowing drifting toward more normal levels, I think I am becoming more critical of how I am doing this program.  At one time I would thought nothing of the biscuits instead of fruit in the morning . . . its is after not a “mixed” meal.  Yet now I am less sure and I think perhaps I should not consider that “FFL compliant” even though I have logged it that way in the past.  The cheese is a slightly more flagrant violation I suppose, but again I am starting to see the sucess of this way of eating and the results in my body.  I am more interested in the results and don’t really feel “deprived” of things any more.

This is an interesting choice point.  In the past I would have started getting down on myself as not “doing it right”.  Though when I really start looking at the whole process, I see that isn’t actuate.  What is more accurate is that I am now more discerning and careful . . . not that I am suddenly cheating like crazy which it how I would have held it inside of myself in the past.  I am actually doing better and more aware . . . not doing less.

And how many times have I blamed myself for “less” even at I did “more”.

Too many . . . way too many.


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