Daily Reports 2009/10/25

Still looks at the ways that I want to “tune up” my participation with FFL.  A month ago I would have called today a “FFL okay” day, but now I’m beginning to see that I can be better:

Breakfast was an ommelet – protein only to be sure, but not fruit which is per CKT.

Lunch: Carot snacks is all I can recall.

Dinner: Soup and Salid at Olive Garden.

So because of breakfast I will call this a “Liberal FFL” day.

I’ll let that be my new term for a day where before I would have called it a “FFL compliant” day, though now I realize that perhaps that isn’t as good as I could be with this new plan.

Also did my last CKT today for the week . . . exercise was already completed.

Blessings to all.


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