Daily Report 2009/11/05

Eating: Mixed – Fruit, Salad, beef . . . but a snack of Fritos which I no longer consider “on program”.

Exercise: 24 Hour Fitness – “official scale” was off-line, but two backup scales which weighed in a three quarters of a pound apart  said I was still doing well and at 245 or less.

Recently for some reason lately, I’ve faced some challenges with the program.  I haven’t wanted to cheat for a long time and for the most part actually enjoy the more nutritious food, but for some reason I’ve been challenged a lot recently to stay on track.  Even exercise seems to be more work lately.  Tonight I almost quit my routine early . . . I just “didn’t feel like it”.  Perhaps this is due to the weather and/or it being more night time now with the time shift an all.  I also haven’t been feeling 100% . . . with no real symptoms or issues . . . but don’t feel tip top.

Time for me to be watchful, careful and loving with myself.


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