Daily Report 2009/11/11

Definitely a time of “weakness” for me.

I started the day well with Fruit and Salad for lunch.  Dinner was even okay, a baked potato . . . with butter . . . a small transgression.  However, I was at a meeting and for some reason some left over desert just “spoke to me”.  Without really thinking about it suddenly I had not just one, but several.

I have notice for whatever reason lately that I am challenged more.  I suspect the Law of Reversibility, for those that know what that is.  It has been just about three months since I’ve started this new life plan of mine.  I think I am being tested to see if I “really mean it”.

So . . . a time to be careful and watch . . . yet again . . . and in those times that I don’t meet my expectations for myself, to love myself and continue on with my new plan anyway.

Love and Light to all.


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