Daily Report 2009/12/10 (and recent days)

I have been very busy recent days trying to get some items done around the house.  Lots to do, very little time.  Lots of stress and completely outside my normal routines.

For eating . . . generally pretty good.  I have not been an angel by any means and have either compromised (or outright cheated) based on circumstances and available food.  That together with the stress has made it a challenge to stay on track.  Still, I’ve done “pretty well” and despite the holidays and vacation . . . I’m living my new life style . . . rocky there and there, but living it.

I won’t report all days I’ve missed . . . mostly because I don’t have all the information.

Important parts:

I exercised at Solid Rock on Tuesday.

No CKT yet this week.


By the “new standards” I have been “off” and eating things I shouldn’t.  The good news: I am not complete off and back to my old ways.  By the original standards I was using when I started this journey . . . I have actually been eating per program with only minor exceptions.

Exercise today: 24 Hour Fitness – 241.1

CKT: 18 Minutes


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