Thoughts on the Holidays and “franklight”

The holidays have been a challenge for my weight loss program.  In the most important ways I have weathered very well thank you . . . some weaknesses here and there, but mostly great news.

One of the biggest challenges has been making food decisions in the face of no set routine, lack of access to my usual eating locations plus of course . . . lots of holiday food around.  Mostly I have done stunningly well.  Most days I have eaten mostly and often completely per FFL.  Certain days I have allowed myself to “indulge” . . . both Thanksgiving day and Christmas day in particular I just ate “whatever” the traditional holiday fair offered.

The good news is that getting back on program was easy.  I really don’t LIKE eating that way now.  I don’t feel as well and mixing food in that way . . . while possible . . . I now have a new level of sensitivity and I can tell my body is not as happy with those choices.  I think is it handles those food just as well as it always did, BUT I now have a new reference point for how the body should feel after eating . . . and it just isn’t as robust when offered mixed foods like that.

All of this, I take as extremely positive.  I like eating this new way, it is increasingly easier for me to search out those foods and eat only those that go well together.  Additionally, the “adictive draw” to foods on the old way of eating is minimal and mostly not an issue . . . all cool things to notice and have happening.

Exercise is also going well.  Getting in my three times a week is now a natural and easy part of my life.  In fact, during one week when I couldn’t exercise, I missed it a lot and really enjoyed it when I was back in town and able to do that again . . . so again, really great news.

My weight has not gone down much (was 240.8 at 24 hour fitness today), but given the hectic schedule and odd food choices I’ve been working with . . . it hasn’t gone up either . . . again a great thing to notice.

Probably the only “downer” that had come forward over the holidays was that CKT kind of fell to the side.  I realized today that I had not done ANY CKT for awhile and in fact it is so late in the week at this point I cannot get in the three times the week even if I did pick it up.  CKT was the newest addition to what I am adding here . . . obviously it just hasn’t settled in yet as a “good habit”, but then I knew that.

So . . . great news all around . . . while my blog has suffered over the holiday, my commitment to myself and to this plan has not.  I am doing well.

Happy Holiday to all who read this.


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