Daily Report 2010/01/10

Eating per FFL didn’t so as well as normal today.  While morning was fruit and lunch was salad (both excellent choices), evening was for a traditional hamburger.  I’m not really sure what came over me, I was just sitting there looking at the menu and choose “the old way” instead of making a better choice per FFL.  I think two things were at play: one during my vacation/holidays I took liberties here and there.  Not really bad, but some.  Now those are playing out as “just a little one”.  However, while I only have 10 pounds left, I have also been stuck at my current weight for some time.  DURING THE HOLIDAY maintaining my weight was AWESOME, but I have still been level for some time.  The other things was that I had just climbed Black Mountain and was tired, probably a little dehydrated and spacey . . . I just choice wrong in a moment of weakness.

Back on track tomorrow.

Exercise: Climbed Black Mountain with my son; we had a great time.

CKT: 5 Minutes.


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