Mostly ate per FFL today.  I didn’t have fruit in the morning because we are out . . . nicely odd that I actually missed it.  I had protein (steak and egg) instead which was fine, but pasta and a big salad for lunch.

CKT 13 Minutes

Exercise 24 Hour Fitness – 236 (Unofficial scale)

A couple notes:

  1. I’m not sure what the make of the sudden drop in my Earth Gravitational Index.  It isn’t the official scale and its as accurate as the official scale.  Still it is the same scale I use recently.  I’m not sure if this is an actual shift and loss or something else is a foot.
  2. When I first started this log and at a time when I was doing really well and loosing lots of body mass, I wrote about a friend who . . . I’m not sure the term is right for lack of a better description “psychicly attacked” me.  A very loving individual, but shot some pretty judgmental energy at me and the unexpected attack . . . I think it slipped by.  I am working with CKT now to clear some of that.  I think there is something there that stopped me from loosing more.  Maybe, or maybe it is all of the mind.  In any case, I’ll work it using CKT for awhile and see how that goes as it clears.

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