Daily Report 2010/02/16

I ran amuck today . . . I’m not sure why, but I choose to have a candy bar.  Breakfast and lunch were fine (fruit and salad), but as the day wore on I just started eating strange stuff . . . sigh . . . another day tomorrow.

Exercise: 24 Hour Fitness (242 Unofficial Scale)

Thoughts: I was thinking about the time when I first started this program and was having such great sucess and how that differs from my current platue.  It occurred to me that one thing I was doing back then was making sure to wait 2 hours after each time I ate (big or small) before I ate again.  At this point in time, I’ve shorted that to 1 hour for the carb/protien transition AND I don’t do it at all if I am eating the same thing (like carbs and then more carbs).

I’m wondering if the two hours isn’t useful for two reason:

1. It delays the next meal

2. It means that the last meal is completely digested . . . instead of having “more of the same” dumped into the half digested mix.  The FFL of course stresses how important this is if moving from carbs to protien (or visa versa), but perhaps it is important generally as well.

So . . . I’m going to move back toward that methodology and see if my can move off my current set point.

Love and Light to all who read this.


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