I continue to have challenges eating correctly per FFL.  For some reason these days my “taste buds” want to be stimulated and are board with salad.  Though my body LOVES IT and I continue to feel better, more centered and alert when I eat correctly.  There is just that little part that wants enchiladas and/or pizza.  Something to continue watching and loving myself through.

Exercise: 24 Hour Fitness (237.5 See Note)

Note: So 24 Hour Fitness has been slow to replace their broken digital scale.  The normal analog scales just aren’t very accurate.  Last night the 3 of them weighed me at 234.5, 237.5 and 238.  I’m going to assume that the two that are close together are the more accurate, plus the 237.5 scale seems a little better taken care of and is able to give me down to quarter pound.  So . . . until a new digital scale shows up, we’ll call this new scale the “semi-official” scale.

Love and Light to all.


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