Okay, time to fess up . . . I’ve been running a muck eating wise.

A favorite food “from the old days” was offered one meal, but somehow I just went off FFL . . . not completely, but there have been indiscretions every day since.  (Including a Candy Bar, M&Ms and a Sprite).

There is like this little part of me that just wants to sabatage this whole Frank Light process.  I’ve gotten to a certain point, and for some reason it is almost like there is a part of me that is afraid to succeed beyond where I am.

I’ve been working with this during SEs . . . in reviewing my lack of logging here, it also occurred to me that I have droppped doing CKT.  I can still make my commitment to four this week, but only if I do it EVERY DAY.

Light to all of that . . . and to picking up the peices and getting myself back on track.


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