An interesting day . . . I experimented to see what results I would get.

I have a favor lunch food (enchiladas with this special hot sauce) that I haven’t had since I’m been eating per FFL.  They keep nagging at me to have them “just one time”, but so far I’ve resisted.  Today I was at the choice point, but decided to have the enchiladas, not because I was out of control, but because my relationship with food is changing.  I am definately more interested in salad and generally don’t prefer “mixed foods” when I have the chance.

So today I had my old enchiladas just to see what the results would be.

The lunch itself was “okay”.  It was a nice meal, but not the “oh my God my favorites”.  A pleasant meal, but not with the draw that it had on me at one time.  Additionally, I noticed that the rest of the day (for many hours) I felt full and bloated . . . yet at the same time like I had a mild case of “the muchies”.

It was nice to see that 1) my body didn’t have the draw to this food like I feared I would have and 2) that salad and fresh vegetables in general is a more filling and satisfying meal for me on average now.

Exercise: 24 Hour Fitness (240 – Semi-Official Scale)


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