An interesting choice point today . . .

I was annoyed at work and decided to eat off program and “treat myself” to my old comfort food of enchiladas at a favor old handout.  I had actually decide TO DO IT as a decision.  Then the memory of how I felt after the last time I “treated myself” came in.  While it tastes great, it just doesn’t really make me feel good, particularly it makes me feel slow and low energy.

That memory caused me to happily and energetically make a new choice of salad because I knew that would actually make me feel better in the long run than the enchiladas.

I’ve been eating “mostly” per FFL over the last few days . . . though it did go off program once recently at Chicken Pie Diner.  Still, all in all, doing well despite pressures at work.

Exercise and CKT on the 25th . . .


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