A rocky few days on several levels.

I went to exercise last night and found my “Earth Gravitational Index” was up slightly.  On thinking about that I realized in the last few days I hadn’t been “very good” and in fact today (Easter Sunday after all) I had kind of “pigged out” and a number of unusual food combinations.

Lots of good family food, but lots of chocolate eggs and such as well . . .

Then when I came here to log and realized I hadn’t recorded here in almost a week . . . it just really made me look at the “little transgressions” I’ve been allowing myself and where they are leading.

Last week, while I did get in my exercise (this is very good!) . . . I did almost no CKT . . .

Sigh . . . time to pick up the pieces and start again . . .

Its a new week . . .


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