Well, no need to wonder if my focus has wandered off . . . all one needs to do is to look here to see if I am posting every day.

There is just some subtle and sneaky part of me here that just refuses to “go lower”.  I start down and something distracts me, and I am back to my 240 set point again.  Of course the way to deal with a sneaky sabotour inside my own self would be to do CKT, but . . . funny think . . . I’m not doing that either.

I think I see a pattern here.

So . . . enough on the “down stuff”.

The good news is that I continue to exercise and I am eating healthier now than I likely have at any time in my life.

Time to once again, focus back in, pick myself up by my bootstraps and . . . do what I know works for me.

See tracking for CKT and exercise.


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