A week come and gone . . . where does time go?

Mostly I’ve been on track . . . some challenges, but eating well and exercising.  (CKT is in sad shape though.)  Unfortunately I’ve been doing well in that “comfort zone” where nothing happens.  My Earth Gravitation Index has been frustratingly consistent for a long time now.

I was watching a recent TED article about social networks.  This guy has mapped the social network or 100 people or so and then placed certain peices of information on that graph by color.  Things like “happy person” blue, “sad person” yellow.   The one that really caught my eye was “fat person” yellow and “slim person” blue . . . the dots very much clustered.  If you are in direct relationship with somebody that is over weight, your chances of being over weight are like 80%.  If your friend knows someone who is over weight, your chances of being over weight are still 30%!!!  You have to be “twice removed” from an overweight person to be have normal risk.

The thing was, they don’t know why.  Top conjectures are of course “birds of a feather” and/or a person that is over weight tends to have eating habits that affect the weight of those close to them.

The cool thing though is that it is clustered in both directions.  So if I really take the bull by the horns and slim down, that creates a strong social impetus for those close to me to do the same.


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