The last few days were spent on a “family outing” in Las Vegas.

Before you ask “Great did you have fun?”, you should know that I for one really hate Las Vegas.  I am uncomfortable the whole time I am there and I’m ready to go home as soon as I get there.  However, there was a family project that needed to be completed and so I went in support and as part of my ministry.

Food while in Las Vegas was a real challenge.  Expensive and almost never served in the proportion or in the assortment required for FFL.  On one level I did really well with the hand that was being dealt to me, but in the reality of FFL or not FFL . . . I was not able to eat very well, nor was I able to exercise, nor did I do CKT (though that was pretty much my fault, not LVs fault since I did have the time . . . God did I have the extra time . . . it just never occurred to me).

So . . . today was my first day fully back on my FFL eating plan and it FELT GREAT.  My body really appreciated the good, balanced and nutricious food and I liked being back into my normal routine.

Given my trek, the scale was kind to me . . . not completely gentle, but kind.

Exercise: 24 Hour Fitness (238 Semi Official Scale)


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