I was sitting in the last DSS class considering the reasons that I had “come close”, but oh . . . let’s call it how I hold it inside . . . “FAILED” to achieve my goal.

It suddenly occurred to me that once again I had changed the rules on myself.  At the time I set the goal of “230 in June”, there was not official way to weigh myself.  There was not rule about “before exercise” or “after exercise” or anything about how I would be dressed.

All of that was something I had added later.  So once again (I believe I have blogged on this before), I had changed the rules to my disadvantage and then when I came up short, I blamed myself.

How typically Frank.

So . . . with that realization, weighing in after exercise and without half my cloths . . . I made my original commitment.

Nuff said . . .

New goal . . . 220 by Living in Grace.  I haven’t had time to update all the part of this blog to reflect those new goals, but I will soon . . . probably this weekend.


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