I had this “feeling” I had not blogged recently, still I was surprised it was over two weeks.

The first week was because of a conference I went to.  I was very distracted in a most wonderful way.  Lots of great information and interestingly enough it all supported what I am doing.  Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, get your rest, get your exercise.  They put a lot more information and some fun “exercises” around that of course, but that was the bottom line and certainly supports what I’ve experienced of the last 6 to 9 months.

However, that doesn’t explain the rest of the missed time.  Oddly, while I had a great time at Conference, I find myself since “unbalanced” in some why I cannot explain.  Part of it is simple, I am fighting an ear infection and not physically feeling my best.  Still, beyond that, some part of me is tired of “being good”.  The good news is that I have interest in going back to my old eating habits, but I would like some more variety and tastes than I am currently getting.  I need to do something to support myself long term.

I clearly miss spicy . . . particularly pepper and “hot” . . . I had to figure out how to get those in my salads somehow.

I am doing well on exercise, though with my body dragging it has been more of a chore recently than it normally is.

Send me the Light please . . . I’m processing something and trying to balance . . .


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