The last day of the month; where has this month gone?

Mostly I’m doing pretty well.  Despite that fact that I haven’t been posting here much, I’ve been on track and eating right . . . mostly . . . for some reason I’ve started eating candy several times a week.  I know better, but it is free and “there” . . . something to monitor and bring into balance.

My wife has started some eating changes of her own under the supervision of her doctor.  That has been helping me a bunch since I often eat dinner “just because” rather than because I am hungry.  However, the eating less together has made the modest meals we do have together a lot more enjoyable and healthier.  While she is doing great and keeping on her program, I know she struggles with it as well.  Nice that we can support each other in a common goal.

The one item I have hardly been doing at all is CKT.  Yet I know how much that can help me and my attitude toward the world.  This reminds me of the old quote from Paul . . . “That that I know to do I don’t do . . .” . . . candy and CKT . . . I just have them wired backwards.

Exercise: 24 Hour Fitness (236.25)


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