As I was exercising tonight and thinking about this blog and what I would post tonight, I started thinking about the reasons I have kind of stayed the same.  I started looking for the reasons and what changes I needed to make so that I could start loosing again in the way I would like to.

The funny thing is, I already know what all the reason are and I’m not doing them:

  1. CKT – I am pretty sure a lot of the weight I hold is from judgments, particularly self judgments.  CKT offers a framework for dealing with these self judgments and releasing them.  Yet I so far have done CKT only rarely and certainly not as often as I had said here I will do.  In fact, I’m not even sure what that commitment is in this moment . . . I’ll need to go look it up.
  2. Even though I publicly announced at a DSS class a goal of 220 by Living In Grace, I have yet to change anything in this web site to reflect that commitment.  On one level I’ve committed, but on other levels I have not.
  3. I have gotten a “little loose” in my eating per FFL . . . not terrible, but some mixtures that I shouldn’t have.  At first these were very rare, but in recent times, they have come every day or so.
  4. Additionally, around 2 to 2:30 each work day, I get the munchies.  I have not been very selective of what I eat then.

I am not saying that there are not new things I could do as well.  However, I really think these things that I already know do to could be key if I would just practice them.

I am going to take a few minute tonight and reorganize the tracking.  In part that is to reflect that the current spreadsheets are getting rather large, but in part that is to “start fresh” to record the new goals.

Exercise: 24 Hour Fitness (237.00)


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