I am not even sure why, but I’ve been very lax in my FFL eating recently and the scale is starting to show it.  Probably some kind of a passive agressive “thing” with the wife, it seems the better she does on her own diet, the harder I find it to stay on mine . . . what’s that about?

Having eaten a perfectly acceptable (per FFL) meat dish, I then subconsciously reach for rice . . . why?  I don’t know . . . but funny thing is I knew I was doing it in the moment, I just didn’t’ care.

For some reason, being back up to 240 is very annoying . . . I’m not happy about it at all.

Anyway, not a time to be down and negative with myself.  Instead it is time to pick myself up by the bootstraps and refocus.  So far today (10/1), I’ve been good.

Exercise: 24 Hour Fitness (240.0)


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