1. Eat per the book Fit for Life II: Living Health

I went on this “life style change” (no diets remember? – see “Rules” page) for three weeks a couple of years back.  My body loved it, lost weight and felt great!!! (Why did I quit? Perhaps another day)

The important points that seem to make this work for me are to eat fruit until 11 am in the morning.  The rest of the day lots of vegetables and carbohydrates OR vegetables and protein, but not both.  Eat often, but no more than once in two hours. Additionally, the vegetables should ideally be raw vegetables; not cooked and not canned. (Again, read the FFL book to understand the reasoning behind this.)

No calorie counting, no other limits on food other than to not mix carbohydrates and protein without a two hour rest for the body in between.

NOTE: I have taken lots of liberties with the information in the book to customize it to my needs and life style.  So I am not saying that the above summary is what the book says.  I am saying that is what I choose to use from the book.  If you want to understand more and/or ask questions . . . please read the book for yourself first.

2. Exercise three times a week

Loosely defined as “must sweat” for 20 minutes or more.  I find that doing only one thing doesn’t work well for me (I get bored).  So I switch it up between hiking (weekends mostly), 24 hour fitness and/or a walk around the neighborhood.

I have also found Solid Rock Gym to be very much fun, challenging and great exercise.

3. Three CKT sessions a week, lasting five minutes or more, focused specifically on releasing anything that is causing my body to hold onto weight or on challenges associated with this life change I am doing. (Updated 09/21/2010)

4. Others? . . . no . . . er well . . . sort of no.

The cool thing about a public blog like this is that folks can measure (or at least ask me) if what I did is what I said I was going to do.  I have several other techiques in mind (Free Form Writing and more), but frankly inside myself I have not made a commitment to those at this time.  So . . . for the moment, only the three methods I have listed above are my commitments.

Other items and ideas . . . I just thinking about or playing with before making them a actual part of this program.


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