06/16/2010 (catching up)

June 16, 2010

So as much as I hate to admit it, I am not going to make my original goal at the time frame that I had originally intended.  (That would be 230 by 6/19/2010).

I admit it, there is some disappointment in that.  So far I have avoided actual “self loathing” (an old pattern for me), but it is there and near the surface.

Focusing onto the positive side:

  1. I am fitter now than at any time in my life.  I did a cardio and upper body workout last night that would have put me into bed for a day (maybe two) 8 months ago.
  2. I am eating in a new way.  Not just as a “diet”, but permanently as a new way of life.  Oh, pizza and other “old friend” still speak to me some days, but for the most part they aren’t a problem
  3. 6/19 never was “then end” or “the goal” . . . it was just a convenient measuring point for a much bigger plan.

I’ll be setting a new goal soon . . . I don’t have time to update the site today, but my plan is to shoot for 220 by Living In Grace in December.

Sigh . . . there IS that part that is just unhappy about missing this goal, but within my life the results have been very positive . . . I need to keep focusing on that and on keeping the focus and moving forward.

Exercise: 24 Hour Fitness (238 Semi-Official Scale)



June 10, 2010

Exercise: 24 Hour Fitness (238.0)


June 7, 2010

A strange week . . .

Mostly eating per the program, but taking a few “very small” liberties than I have been . . . mostly because of a busy schedule and a weekend with no downtime.

First, the good news . . . last Tuesday . . . very near my goal . . . 234.24!!!

Then a busy few days and Sunday . . . 241!!!

I’m hoping thing are still on track and it was just because of weight gain due to a really salty meal I had eaten the day before.

Time will tell.

Love and Light to all who read this . . . if any <wink>


June 1, 2010

The last few days were spent on a “family outing” in Las Vegas.

Before you ask “Great did you have fun?”, you should know that I for one really hate Las Vegas.  I am uncomfortable the whole time I am there and I’m ready to go home as soon as I get there.  However, there was a family project that needed to be completed and so I went in support and as part of my ministry.

Food while in Las Vegas was a real challenge.  Expensive and almost never served in the proportion or in the assortment required for FFL.  On one level I did really well with the hand that was being dealt to me, but in the reality of FFL or not FFL . . . I was not able to eat very well, nor was I able to exercise, nor did I do CKT (though that was pretty much my fault, not LVs fault since I did have the time . . . God did I have the extra time . . . it just never occurred to me).

So . . . today was my first day fully back on my FFL eating plan and it FELT GREAT.  My body really appreciated the good, balanced and nutricious food and I liked being back into my normal routine.

Given my trek, the scale was kind to me . . . not completely gentle, but kind.

Exercise: 24 Hour Fitness (238 Semi Official Scale)


May 27, 2010

I have been eating much closer to FFL than I have been recently . . . but made some changes in my life to reduce stress . . . something seems to be working . . . or some combination of things seems to be working.

I have actually made several changes recently:

  1. I am eating much closer to FFL and cut out even little or occasional “cheats”.  The calorie difference isn’t really significant, but . . .
  2. I have been working a lot heal and strengthen my stomach chakra during SEs.
  3. I’ve stepped up exercise slightly, but again have focused some new exercises on the stomach area to make it stronger physically in addition to the meditation changes mentioned in #2.
  4. I gave up a stressful situation at work . . . no details here, but it was an important change that greatly lowered my stress.  As I mentioned before, this was a change from the “heart” as mentally, at least by some standards, it was the wrong thing to do.

Somewhere in all of that are changes that seem to be very supportive of what I am trying to accomplish!!!

Exercise: 24 Hour Fitness (235.5 Semi-Official Scale)


May 26, 2010

I find it ironic that given all the upset and turmoil in my life right now, my “Earth Gravitational Index” would choose now to start dropping.  It will be interesting to see if the movement is permanent and continues in a down trend.  I only have three weeks left to attain my goal and given I’ve been stuck just 10 pounds from that goal for months . . . my challenge is certainly present.

Perhaps . . . just perhaps . . . the movement in my weight . . . I started acknowledging to both myself and those around me about how upset I was and choose to express my heart instead of my head.

Could that really be how a healthy vibrant body is created?

Exercise: 24 Hour Fitness (237.75)


May 24, 2010

I actually “lost” one post that I had written to a Internet access error.

Doing well . . . particularly today.  I decided to bypass a “treat” even though I really wanted it.  As I looked at the reasons I wanted it, I found that I was having a really bad day emotionally and so wanted something to “fill over” or “hide” all that crap.  Knowing that I choose to bypass the treat, though the desire remained.

I got in all of my exercise for last week, though since I was traveling the last one was just a short walk around town instead of anything vigorous.

CKT remains weak, though I did get some in last week which is an improvement.


May 19, 2010

A week come and gone . . . where does time go?

Mostly I’ve been on track . . . some challenges, but eating well and exercising.  (CKT is in sad shape though.)  Unfortunately I’ve been doing well in that “comfort zone” where nothing happens.  My Earth Gravitation Index has been frustratingly consistent for a long time now.

I was watching a recent TED article about social networks.  This guy has mapped the social network or 100 people or so and then placed certain peices of information on that graph by color.  Things like “happy person” blue, “sad person” yellow.   The one that really caught my eye was “fat person” yellow and “slim person” blue . . . the dots very much clustered.  If you are in direct relationship with somebody that is over weight, your chances of being over weight are like 80%.  If your friend knows someone who is over weight, your chances of being over weight are still 30%!!!  You have to be “twice removed” from an overweight person to be have normal risk.

The thing was, they don’t know why.  Top conjectures are of course “birds of a feather” and/or a person that is over weight tends to have eating habits that affect the weight of those close to them.

The cool thing though is that it is clustered in both directions.  So if I really take the bull by the horns and slim down, that creates a strong social impetus for those close to me to do the same.


May 13, 2010

At good day, I ate per FFL guidelinees.

CKT 10 Minutes.


May 12, 2010

Yesterday I ate well per FFL and was on program.  So I was a little disappointment in the numbers that the scale gave me at 24 Hour Fitness.  Sigh . . . it is time to do “something more” . . . I’m just not sure what that should be . . . I need to be careful . . . I have a tendancy to get very draconian in these situation.  I was this to remain health with good chances of being a positive and healthy change for long term.

Still . . . something needs to change.

Exercise: 24 Hour Fitness (242.0 Semi-Official Scale)