1. No diets.

My intent is to loose weight by changing my life style, not by eating nothing but grapefruit for 6 weeks.  Beyond loosing weight, I want to leave myself in a place where I can maintain that weight loss once I reach my goal (and set new ones).

2. Increased health and vitality.

While loosing weight will likely put some stress on the body, the act of detoxing it should leave an increase in health and vitality.  Do nothing to hurt myself.  That doesn’t mean my body will immediately love everything I’m doing.  Exercise ain’t always fun (unless it is).  Food habits and addictions have to be dealt with lovingly and consistently.  However, working with these all have a purpose and leaves the body in a better position, not depleted.

3. Get Help.

I know a number of excellent physical health and mental health practitioners; both “traditional” and . . . well . . .  not so traditional.

My Doctor, my Chiropractor, my Homeopath, my ex-Yoga instructor and many more.  Use them.

4. Get Support.

Get family, friends, classmates, even co-workers involved in my journey.  Ask for, expect and accept support in this endeavor.  Of all the things I am doing here, this is likely the “biggest stretch”.  I am not very good at asking for or accepting support from others.


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