So as part of the Doctorate program that I am a part of, we monitor ourself by tracking what we do. The theory is awareness is the first step toward change.

The other thing you will notice in the spread sheet is a careful use of terms. Self talk is an important part of change. So you’ll notice that I’ve avoided the use of the term “weight” and choose something else instead. This kind of self talk, I believe, is very important part of who we are and that monitoring it in this way can bring about change. (Or at least if not bring about change directly, at least create the mental openness for change to appear.)

Anyway, the Spread Sheets below tracks my progress towards my goal:

Light Tracking as of 09/20/2010
Exercise Tracking as of 09/20/2010
CKT Tracking as of 09/20/2010

Old Tracking:

Old Tracking Spreadsheet
Old Exercise Tracking
Old CKT Tracking


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